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Zealfins are aquatic fish-based monsters. The name "Zealfin" is a combination of "zeal", referencing its supportive nature, and "fin", because it is based on a fish.

Biology Edit

Zealfins are marine monsters. They have slender, slippery bodies. The upper part of their bodies are in a bright yellow color, while their lower bodies are white. They have a pair of soft scaled wings, while the tail is cloth-like. A bright halo of yellow light hovers above the Zealfin's forehead indefinitely. Zealfins are elusive sea creatures that can be found in the shallow waters of ponds and lakes in far-out places. They feed on algae, needing only a small amount as they do not do much. They are very small, reaching maximum lengths of 3 inches at most. They live very long life spans, reaching just above a hundred years on average.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Zealfins spend most of their waking day slowly swimming around their pond. They are docile in nature, and are unable to defend themselves when in trouble.

Zealfins have a plethora of abilities that revolve around providing protection and healing to all beings near it - be it ally or foe. These abilities are the following.

Aura of purification. The Zealfin's halo glows an intense blue light. This light purges most diseases and disabilities from beings in roughly a 3 meter radius (the closer a being is to the Zealfin). This includes removing poisons and similar toxic substances.

Aura of regeneration. The Zealfin's halo glows a lustrous golden light, accelarating the regeneration of wounds around the Zealfin in roughly a 3 meter radius (the closer a being is to the Zealfin, the faster the regeneration). Most wounds would fully close after a minute. It has no effect on beings that do not require regeneration.

Zealous departure. Upon a Zealfin's death (whether from natural causes or otherwise), they leave behind a small orb of white light as their body disintegrates. Touching this light consumes it, granting indefinite immunity from all diseases and granting near instantaneous regeneration of wounds. This ability is the reason why Zealfins are so rare, as they have been hunted to near extinction for it.

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